NASA: Whopping 160-ft asteroid speeding towards Earth

NASA: Whopping 160-ft asteroid speeding towards Earth

Just a week after a giant asteroid, much bigger than the tallest building in the World, Burj-Khalifa, passed near Earth, there is another one that will make a close pass soon.

According to NASA, a giant rock that measures around 160-feet in size, dubbed 2021 GT2 will fly past the Earth on June 6, 2022.

The space agency revealed that the asteroid is hurtling towards our planet at a speed of 26,000 kilometres per hour.

Asteroid named 2021 GT2 is actually an Aten-class asteroid, which orbits the sun even more closely than Earth does.

Such as in the case of this asteroid, it orbits the Sun once every 342 days and during this journey, its orbital path crosses Earth's orbit.

Thankfully! Despite the fact that it will be moving at a mind-boggling speed, NASA says that the asteroid will make its flyby at a safe distance from Earth.